• We help you to understand your customers and build better digital products and experiences.

We Specialize in


Video & Entertainment

We build video software solutions; video editing, transcoding, encoding/decoding, streaming, UGC, you name it!

Live Streaming


Livestream video with real time comments, video replies and even 1 to 1 video calls over the livestream, we can do it.


UX/UI Design

Our design team works from the beginning together with you to build the most beautiful and user friendly apps.

Mobile App

Mobile Apps

We are passionate about mobile apps, whether you need native (iOS or Android) or cross platform, we have the right team to build them.

Web App

Web Apps

Admin dashboards, web apps with account creation and management, info graphics, we build complete web apps from the front to the back.

Online Platform

Online platforms

Want to build your own tiktok? We have one for you. User authentication, likes, follow, post content(video,image,text), comment, notifications and live chat!

How we Work

Our process on creating awesome projects.

Concept phase

We like to work together with our clients to discuss their ideas and advices them based on our experience building great software solutions.

First MVP / Prototype

You will get a first fully working prototype of your software in about 2 to 4 weeks, so you can test your idea early before going to market.

Working software every two weeks

We like to deliver working software every two weeks so that our clients follow the progress and give feedback.

Final Product

Your initial ideas become a fully functional and beautiful software product.


Our tech stack

  • Swift / Obj-C

  • Kotlin / Java

  • Flutter

  • React Native

  • Javascript

  • AngularJS, ReactJS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4

  • Node.js

  • Python

  • MongoDB, MySQL

  • AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

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